we all have secrets we keep inside
unknown to all, inside to hide
twisting your soul changing yourself
the darkest part of you you want to help
it calls for you,tries to suck you in
entranced with a song an unheard hymn
you fight and scream, try to chase it away
but it wants it’s due; for you to pay
sit down, deep breath as the panick begins
pulling up memories, bringing back sins
forgiving yourself is the first step to take

the addiction to feeling that all is lost
comes with a deadly and pricely cost
the pain it pulls and yanks at me
i need it i yearn it, yet i try and flee
the anguish and torture a lullaby
the happiness seems but a lie
the nightmares a comfort in the darkened hour
the fierceness seems to give me power
my heart it beats in ryythmn with my soul
the the act of seduction making me whole
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