Destructive machines.

The world was made to wreck us all
To slander us for all our faults
The only way to stop the ruin
Is trying to accept, respect faults
From having a mind of their Own
Day after dat people think their immortal
Causing all the most tragic of deaths
Anything everyting, mending itself

This thing called God is merely something to cover
The sins and the falls that we’ve done
Happiness and love keep the goodness inside us
Pain and anger, they merely destroy it
Why do you think we can change this whole world
Just one person, one thing at a time
For each time one is helped, the world shuts us down
Each advancement kills innocent souls
Each set back we use an excuse for frustration
Nobody is perfect, how perfectly true
But nobody is perfect, nobody can get it
Humans are beasts in their hiding
What have we done to this beautiful kingdom?
We’ve smothered it bits at a time

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