Walk with me, through confusion

Walk with me through all heaven and hell
Share with your deepest thoughts, as if I were a wishing well
Open your eyes to who I am, see past just first impressions
Let’s save eachother from becoming monsters, let’s make daily confessions

Take me to your special palace far beyond your home
Whether it’s an abandoned forest, shack or even dome
The walls that kept happiness from my weary life
Seemed sewn so tightly, undented by a fighter’s knife

Now we’re together and let’s reach our full potential
You might be the lucky one to see the me that’s confidential
Can I trust all that killled me not so long ago
Are you really here to be with me, or is it all a show

Any senses sharpen as this music sounds in my wake
I see reflected in your eyes, a view that’s quite opaque
What eyes see is not all that’s alive inside a beating creature
i will try and help you undersand, I’ll become your undercover teacher

The snowflakes fall gracefully on your golden hair
Appearance seems to mask the bad, it make you seem so fair
How is there a way to know what you truly are
Are we both sure and willing to venture that far

Huddled in coats against a bitter cold, as we silently sit watching firefly glows
Suddenly we laugh, as a snowflake lands on the tip of my nose
Ease and peace melts into our clothes, covering our skin
A magical light cast from the sky above betraying a hidden whim

You’re holding my hand, a broad smile lights up your face
Maybe this can work for us, if we follow the same pace
Creeping in is a blissful joy, pushing all my doubts behind
But I keep my warning system running, cautios of what I may find

Friendship lasts a life time if you find a perfect fit
Though getting involved with a foolish crowd, will throw you down a pit
Sitting there watching me, thoughts jumbled in her head
I see the soul, just like mine, has broken and has bled
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